Air Cooler Dust Cover


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These defensive Dust Covers spreads are exclusively made to precisely fit the elements of the well known Coolers. You can exhort your ideal size as given in the example picture and we will make in like manner for you. Utilizing a residue spread is a perfect method to secure your hardware against residue, spills, scratches, water, and different contaminants. The fabric configuration goes about as a channel to snare residue and soil before it can ever arrive at your hardware, giving protection that will keep your Cooler running ideally with no personal time.

Our Dust covers spreads are produced using top notch, water-resistant fabric material that is amazingly strong and solid. Further, the smooth covering won’t scratch your Cooler. These spreads are machine sewn with substantial string to ensure they will never shred or fall to pieces. What’s more, are twofold fixed around the base to guarantee a solid match.


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